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Username: Tony
Date/Time: Wed, February 16, 2000 at 10:26 AM GMT
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Subject: Starting the work


   In order to achieve the goals set out in the charter the work really needs to be broken down into a number of key tasks, each building on the other. The following covers the most salient points.

Task 1. Identification of future trends in networks, services and applications.
In covering technology, commercial and economic drivers this should embrace network convergence, and standardisation activities that may impact on IP numbering and addressing.

Ideally it requires co-operation with a variety of international fora which focus on the development and exploitation of new technologies and companies at the forefront of new technology.  The scope needs to include:
The growth of new services and applications fuelled by the widespread introduction of ADSL and cable modems in access networks.
Future demands from IP Cellular (GPRS/UMTS).
Globalisation of telecoms networks
Growth of the Internet.
The projected growth of VoIP services and the migration of traditional data services towards IP based infrastructure
The growth of software based products.

Task 2. Identification of any new service and application characteristics that may not be accomplished through the existing application independent architecture for IP routeing and addressing structures.

This work would need to be undertaken with the co-operation of those parties who have a detailed understanding of existing IP routeing and addressing structures. If it should appear that additional functionality may be required it would need to be flagged to the appropriate technical forums who are responsible for the architectural aspects of IP based networks, for their consideration.

Task 3. An assessment of the likely impact resulting from task 1 on the administration of current and future IP address space.

This task needs to be tackled with the co-operation and support of the Regional Internet Registries and must take full account of the projected growth of all new services and applications.

Task 4. Identification of key addressing requirements and trends that may impact on global policy formation and the likely impact.

Its essential that global policy formation should take full account of new demands that are likely to appear at an ever increasing pace.  Potential problems need to be clearly articulated so that policy formation is able to pick up on key issues at a very early stage.

Again such a task needs to be tackled with the co-operation and support of the Regional Internet Registries and ISPs, particularly those that operate in a global environment.

Although this list appears very challenging I believe that most of those who need to be involved are already in the loop. I'm also aware that efforts are already underway to provide some initial input on the first task, so I'd propose that this is where the focus should be to start with.

Finally its proposed that the timetable needs to be reviewed due to the delay in launching this activity. Some activities are already over 3 months behind schedule. The timeframe set out was already very demanding if the goals set are to be achieved in a comprehensive manner. Obviously this must be an issue for ICANN to look at.


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