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Username: jefsey
Date/Time: Mon, June 19, 2000 at 2:01 PM GMT
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Subject: the solution is very simple


        IMHO the solution to this problem is very simple: to use conventions  or formats in the domain names semantic, the same way as we do in the normal life. To leave people use their imagination and creativity and permit corporation to find their financial and marketing advantage.

So not in the formal ways some ccTLDs do, adding doted words (, for French chambers of commerce, none is using, prefering or even .com).

Let not replace the DN chaos by a simplifyng complexity.

Let assume that the gTLD ".sys" is dedicated to semantic ou formated registrations. This means that you do not register domain names but formats of domain names, like "police*.sys", "fire*.sys", etc. being undrestood that you may register a format only if your organization already holds a significant number of DN built after the same format in one or sveral g/ccTLDs. When you see a fire you will type fire.sys but will never remember (with an 's' or not?).

Initially a worldwide menu server will be built at http://fire.sys with links to all the existing sites and alarm services.

The ".sys" gTLD will permit large automated systems to develop with billions of DNs to address machines for traffic lights, building, local appliances, alarms, pool controls, etc... etc.. with formats like : http://my_company_london_trafficlights_000000.sys/999999.sys for the thousands of London traffic lights controlers. It is then likely that in the meanwhile the DNS system will adapt and take advantage from the formated ".sys" DNs to decrease its processing load. So eventually the mecanism they will develop will be over secure widely used and accepted and will serve for the http://police.sys domain name and will reroute it directly to the local police IP phone or site. Because the same mecanism, with the same rules will be used to access the microsoft support service.

We enter here a domain of such magnitude (semantic of the DNs) with billions of reserved DNs, out of the reach of "DN investors", that only a very simple rule as the one of the 100 existing and active DNs may be imposed to protect the rights of every one and to keep open the avenues to innvative projects.

BTW the format http://microsoft-*.sys will translate into http://microsoft-usa.sys, http://microsof-france.sys provided you already have registered 100 sites as, fr, etc..



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