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Username: jefsey
Date/Time: Sun, June 25, 2000 at 10:22 PM GMT
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Subject: are 128 bits really enough when 256 were not 15 years ago and 512 today ?


        I certainly accept that 128 bits theoratically gives a huge amount of binaries possibilities. What I meant is that any addressing scheme calls for some order is of the essence and until it has been devised and accepted 128 bits and its billions of possibilities only represent 16 characters.

For the time being tghe internet addressing scheme is chaos bothe with its bone and its flesh : with IP addresses and the domain names.

If I think some order is necessary in domain names with a few gTLD allowing registrations by formats of domain names to protect property rights and innovation, it is obvious that order should come through IP adresses.

Then I know three things:
- this is a non CPU but human being issue, with national, political, cross-technology issues, etc... I know it will take time and controversy, so any standardization will be able to develop into a small portion of the 128bits (look at the IPv4 situation: chances are that in 2020, 2000 decisions will look as 1980 decisions look today).
- 67 bytes + hundreds of TLDs are not enough in the freeworld of domain names and we think a few extra TLDs and new character sets.
- CCITT, ie the UN boddy for Telecom specified that addresses will not grow beyond 32 digits, i.e. be coded over more than 256 bits.

Again, I know and I agree with all your responses. I just wanted to point out that we have plenty of possible addresses, but as long as we have not thought and decided about the way we use it, we will not know if we have enough of hem. I know we studied this 15 years ago (when nobody thought about the service mix of the today internet) at top international level, all the operators, all the countries, US State Department and all and we voted no. I also see that the market with only a few millions of users and all the possiblities of more than 512 bits says it has a real problem.



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