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Username: dsmith
Date/Time: Fri, July 14, 2000 at 7:24 PM GMT
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Subject: Let's solve ONE problem and replace it with ANOTHER...


There's a clever way around all this - just expand the available IP address space. Let's call it IPv6 :-)

The routing issues will still be ugly, though, and there's likely no way around *that* one. Distributing address space by network connectivity leads to the same sort of problems we have now (lack of portability, routers that can't keep up). Distributing address space on a geographical basis (say, give a couple billion to the US, a couple billion to Asia, etc.) isn't any better.

Hopefully, IPv6 routers will be more robust, able to relate to a few hundred thousand entries, rendering the issue moot. But I'm not optimistic; there's no percentage in this kind of generosity.

So... anyone have any *good* ideas? 


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