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Username: ghenson
Date/Time: Wed, July 26, 2000 at 6:35 PM GMT
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Subject: Move to 16 or 32 bit addressing


About 4 or 5 years ago when I was attending a Microsoft TCPIP class the instructor mentioned this problem and here was the solution I came up with.  Why don't we go to 16 or 32 bit IP addressing scheme.  Therefore the addressing would be FFF.FFF.FFF.FFF or VVV.VVV.VVV.VVV.  All the older addressing integrated into the newer scheme.  All the same functionality would exist, is the default route, is the limited broadcast address with FFF.FFF.FFF.FFF or VVV.VVV.VVV.VVV included, is the loopback address with the new loopback, and any or all of the previous standards would be grand-fathered.  Below is how this could be designed.

Hex Class A = 0 to 32767  (with one address less for the new loopback)
32,2767 Network IDs and 281,474,976,710,654 Hosts

Hex Class B = 32769 to 49151
1073741824 Network IDs and 4,294,967,296 Hosts

Hex Class C = 49152 to 57343
35,184,372,088,832 Network IDs and 65534 Hosts

Hex Class D = 57344 to 61439
Hex Class E = 61440 to 65533  

The hosts would be issued as subsets of A, B, or C.  The division would be the same 16,777,214 for a class A, 65,534 for a Class B, and 256 hosts for a Class C.  The sub-hosts would consist of 4 subdivisions from A to D to divide each class into it appropriate numbers.  They would be issued as a C.C.C.C subclass consisting of 256 addresses.  Each of these further divisions would divide the overall number by four to achieve the 256 divisions as with the old octal system.  If this is done then everyone could keep their existing classes without any changes or confusion.

If they were to choose 32-bit addressing I could imagine the numbers for this.  Even for a Class C there would be 4,294,967,296 hosts with an enormous about of Network IDs.
Another Idea

New Domain Names

My proposal is very simple is the go to a four letter designation.  A one-letter prefix would be added to the existing structure.  Therefore for the .com domain there would be 27 new possibilities or 37 is numbers were included.  As first not all 27 or 37 would be used but a few would be added to relieve the shortage.  A few .com examples would be.

.ecom for E-commerce or entertainment
.icom for Internet information
.acom for automotive
.ccom for commodities
.mcom for medical


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