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Username: Donner
Date/Time: Mon, August 7, 2000 at 2:21 PM GMT
Browser: Netscape Navigator V using XWindows/Linux 2.2.16 (Pentium)
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Subject: Re: IP address



> I am trying to obtain an IP address for my newly registered domain
> name and my registrar told me that i need to get it from my ISP.
> What if i don't have an ISP and i want to host my own website,
> how can i get an IP address and from whom.

An IP address is a logical address for the physical location of
your computer. Every other computer in the Internet has to know
how to read your host soley by your IP address. So you need a ISP
to give you an routeable IP address. Those addresses can not be
selled, like street names. Please ask your ISP (you call to read
this comment) how to get a static address.



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