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Username: Donner
Date/Time: Mon, August 7, 2000 at 2:47 PM GMT
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Subject: Re: Move to 16 or 32 bit addressing



> Why don't we go to 16 or 32 bit IP addressing scheme.

Wie have 32 bit addresses (RfC 791) and started to go to 128 bit
addresses (RfC 2460, but dates back to 1995).

> All the older addressing integrated into the newer scheme.

Please read the RfC. There is a homomorphism from IPv4 to IPv6.

> All the same functionality would exist, is the default
> route, is the limited broadcast address with
> FFF.FFF.FFF.FFF or VVV.VVV.VVV.VVV included, is the
> loopback address with the new loopback, and any or all of the
> previous standards would be grand-fathered.

Please read the RfC. ::1 is the loopback. Broadcasts are thrown away
in order to use spezialised multi- and anycasts.

And if you see your instructor again, please tell him that classfull
networking is older than Microsoft. It was blown away before Bill
noticed the existance of the Internet. So he should stop telling
obsolete informations.

> New Domain Names
> My proposal is very simple is the go to a four letter designation.
> A one-letter prefix would be added to the existing structure.
> ...

Your system does not scale. Please rethink.

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