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Username: Donner
Date/Time: Fri, August 11, 2000 at 7:49 PM GMT
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Subject: Re: NAT and subnetting



>NAT/ipmasqing/subnetting/supernetting is the reason that we haven't
>reached the end of the available addresses yet -- but that time is
>coming.  And now people are wanting static or near-static IPs again
>(DSL/cable users, etc) because they are beginning to provide services
>on their own (gaming servers, small web servers, Freenet nodes, etc).

They have very good reasons for: They want to be part of the Internet.
And this includes the ability to offer services.

>It boils down to this: due to innovative technology, the problem has
>merely been delayed, and we have enough time to do it right.  Let's
>not screw up the next system, huh?  That's why we're here at ICANN.

What do you thing about IPv6. OK, it's not a new solution.


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