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Username: alex042
Date/Time: Thu, January 25, 2001 at 8:28 PM GMT
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Subject: IPv6 Suggestions


The current IPv6 standards suggestions are inconsistant with the current IPv4 standards. The proposed standards look more like a MAC address or serial number and would be difficult to remember for those direct accessing IP's. If nothing else, the new standards should be blocked off in the same 3 alphanumeric segments and not in the inconsistant manner proposed. It should probably b something like or in blocks of 4. A total of 15-16 characters should be a sufficient amount as this provides numbers for trillions of computers, but if not, more can simply be added. 999 trillion numbers would basically mean every person on earth would have their own LAN with dozens of computers just to themselves. For better international standards, non-numeric characters should be avoided or elminated as each country has their own alphabet.


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