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Username: Andrew Lutts
Date/Time: Wed, November 3, 1999 at 2:32 AM GMT (Tue, November 2, 1999 at 7:32 PM PDT)
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Subject: Comments on ICANN - NSI Agreement


Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the proposed ICANN - NSI Agreement.

In the interest of seeing the internet prosper and grow, it is our view that ICANN must accomplish two important things:

1) introduce competition into the domain name registration process
2) add new top level domain names

In this first major task, ICANN has only half succeeded. Although ICANN is to be congratulated for accrediting several new domain registrars, it has been unable to reassume control of the root servers held by Network Solutions.

For the domain name process to operate in a truly competitive environment, ICANN should put the root server administration out to bid to competing companies. It's that simple. There are hundreds of qualified companies in America (and worldwide) that would be more than happy to bid against Network Solutions for root server management.

ICANN has failed to complete this process, and has allowed Network Solutions to continue on with little challenge or competition. In this respect, ICANN has failed to allow the domain process to achieve true competition.

In the second major task, that being the addition of new top level domains, we can only hope that ICANN will expedite this process. Good domain names under the .com top level domains are nearly impossible to find, and are now actively auctioned for large sums of money. This was not the intent for the domain name system.

Several new top level domains are sorely needed. At least 5 - 10 new top level domain names need to be added now. To delay this process only slows the continued growth and expansion of the internet.

We can only hope that ICANN will see to it to rapidly introduce new top level domain names into the marketplace. This action will create a whole new surge of interest and activity on the internet, and will benefit all internet users.

Additionally, new top level domains will help diminish the domain name monopoly held by Network Solutions, and will give other companies the opportunity to enter and compete in the marketplace.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Lutts, President
Net Atlantic


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