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Username: davec
Date/Time: Tue, November 28, 2000 at 11:15 PM GMT
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Subject: At Large Members ...


                As At Large Members, we should probably be grateful to have been given the opportunity to vote for only some ICANN board seats.   OK, worthwhile causes are usually slow, uphill battles. We graciously accept whatever meager benefits we are allotted. 

Arrogance and ego prevail on the ICANN board ... this barb directed specifically toward current board squatters.  These squatters have blurred the line between power and abuse of power.

Insulting our intelligence with the Ken Stubbs situation (and no, this topic will not just go away), and numerous other nefarious moves,
the ICANN board has driven home the point that the At Large Memberships are little more than an obligation, a joke, a non-issue, and inconvenience, etc.

To the rejected (and dejected) new TLD applicants, the piracy of $50,000.00 each is not an issue lost on some At Large Members.  The Staff Reports (negative and positive) were obviously hastily thrown together, denying applicants of their money's worth.  Those Staff Reports read as if they cost about $500.00 each, to prepare.  The ICANN Board members obviously did not use the $50,000.00 per applicant to actually assess the applications. 

Something needs to change.  Right now, my At Large Membership feels fairly worthless.  As large a pain-in-the-ass as it is, right now, the alternate root seems more attractive every day.  If I start spending my money in the alternate root, instead of ICANN's root, maybe I can help shut down one nasty group of individuals.

David Corish
At Large Member



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