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Username: pilot5
Date/Time: Wed, November 29, 2000 at 1:34 AM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: Duh ... Of Course The ICANN Board  Should Include "At Large" Directors


Whether the ICANN Board should include "At Large" Directors;  YES.

If so, how many such Directors there should be; PROPORTIONAL TO THE NUMBER OF AT LARGE MEMBERS. I SUGGEST MINIMUM (3) TO START.

The ICANN Board needs input from a greater segment of the internet community, including end users.  Currently, the Board is heavy with tech academia, and light on common sense.  Board members are totally detached from the needs of At Large Members and the customers who fund the internet by buying products and services through it.  When Kraaijenbrink can rattle-off stupid statements like "...I don't know why they even submitted this application ...", it demonstrates just how detached, egotistical, and narcistic some board members can be.

What nerve ... from a guy who's boardsquatting.  This guy is making decisions that will affect my business (I'm a chandelier manufacturer, with a website).  Kraaijenbrink ... you dick.

This At Large Member thinks ICANN ought to clean house a.s.a.p.  Get rid of the funk and smegma currently filling board seats.  Get rid of the appearance of impropriety (and whatever real impropriety exists).
Get some common sense up there.  Get some honesty up there.   


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