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Date/Time: Wed, November 29, 2000 at 2:40 PM GMT
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Subject: role of new At Large Directors - application fees - .web - answers to ICANNs recent questions


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>>>>> Written Testimony Of Donald M. Heath
      President/CEO Internet Society


      U.S. House of Representatives
      Committee On Science Subcommittee On Basic Research
      Suite 2320 Rayburn House Office Building
      Washington, DC 20515-8301

      For: Hearing On Internet Domain Names 30 September 1997

***Extract 1:***

The IAHC has defined an additional set of seven (7) gTLDs. Any
additional gTLDs will be defined under the aegis and policy
coordination of the gTLD-MoU. The newly-defined gTLDs are:

.firm for businesses, or firms

.store for businesses offering goods to purchase

.web for entities emphasizing activities related to the WWW

.arts for entities emphasizing cultural and entertainment activities

.rec for entities emphasizing recreation/entertainment activities

.info for entities providing information services

.nom for those wishing individual or personal nomenclature

*** Extract 2:***


The IAHC plan as developed by the Internet community under the
leadership of members selected from that community, is a sound plan
that has been designed to evolve through continuing evaluation and
input from the Internet community. It represents a solid foundation
upon which a stable and secure Internet may flourish. However, it
needs cooperation and active involvement by the Internet community in
a constructive manner, as well as financial resources for its
successful implementation and operation.

For the past two years the Internet community has been paying a
surcharge on its registrations through the monopoly registrar
operating under the auspices of the U.S. Government. The surcharge
amounts to 30% of each registration fee and the fund that it has
built is approaching US$50,000,000. The purpose of this fund was
designated for the purpose of reinvestment in the "Intellectual
Infrastructure" of the Internet. iPOC will be pleased to present a
startup budget to effect the acquisition and development of the
required shared database software and equipment necessary to begin
the operation of CORE, as part of a proposal for funding from this
Intellectual Infrastructure fund. CORE is intended to be a self-
supporting organization, but until operations under the IAHC plan can
begin, financial resources are lacking.

What better place to allocate a fraction of the money in the fund
than to the establishment of the system which meets the principles
and requirements of the U.S. Government as defined in the Department
of Commerce "Request for Comments on the Registration and
Administration of Internet Domain Names," [Docket No. 970613137-7137-

Mr. Chairman, to sum up my written testimony, I would like to leave
the committee with four key points:

A sound plan exists to introduce competition into the domain name
registration process and is being implemented;

The U.S. Government must state its concerns as quickly as possible to
avoid causing a chilling effect on the plan;

The U.S. Government must request, under the terms of the NSI/NSF
Cooperative Agreement, a final report as well as a copy of software
and data plus documentation;

Funding to support the development of the intellectual infrastructure
under the IAHC plan should be provided from the Intellectual
Infrastructure fund made possible by the surcharge on registrations.

Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee, thank you.