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Username: no_confidence_vote
Date/Time: Thu, November 30, 2000 at 4:46 AM GMT
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Subject: Will the real ICANN please stand up.


I've just returned from the future!  Guess what, ICANN reasoned that Afilias did such a great job with .info they gave them .web as well.  IOD was forced to give refunds to it's 'clients', destroying the company.  Afilias merged with JVTeam (oops, I mean NeuLevel, oops, I mean Net Sol) and changed their name to Global Domination Inc., raising the cost of a .biz, .com, .web, .info etc.. to $45.

Those ICANN board members that could be located (the majority of whom were nabbed at the local ferrari dealership, sipping 'spresso ordered from ironfist.web) were immediately linched by a mob of dissillusioned members of the world's internet community.

Does this make you laugh?  Or does it make you sit back and realize that unless something is done to curb the blatent missuse of authority so flaunted by the ICANN decision making process, the above story wont even make the headlines in 5 years.

We all know, in every country, throughout every culture, from the gold-paved halls of ICANN to the mud-brick server halls of Timbuktu, that .web is the single most valuable tld that ICANN should have instated.  And we also knew that ICANN would never give it to 'the competition'.  Let's face it, when you're in cahoots with the big players, IOD is that exactly - the competition.

When will someone with real power ride their shining horse to our rescue?  Our, being the entire Internet community, minus ICANN and their minions in the Registrar world?  We all know that, if .web had been given to IOD, they would have had millions and millions thrown at them to secure their infrastructure and guarantee a stable Registry.

And so, my fellow ICANN @ Large members, raise your fists!  Write those emails to ICANN!  Tell your friends!  Tell your congressman, your bundes-minister, your prime minister!  We've been given the opportunity to fart against thunder, let's do it!  If we don't, who will?

My two cents.

And I don't work for IOD.  Never met them.  I even think their web site stinks!  But they should have been given .web; they earned it.


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