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Username: sunshine
Date/Time: Tue, December 5, 2000 at 7:34 PM GMT
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Subject: Answers


a. Should the ICANN Board include At Large Directors?

Yes, this is the only way to ensure that At-Large membership is being represented.

b. If so, how many such At Large Directors should there be?

All of the directors should be At-Large elected.

c. How should any such At Large Directors be selected?

With the same process as before, At-Large membership election.

d. If selection by an At Large membership is recommended, what processes and procedures should be used to create that At Large membership? What minimum criteria, if any, should be required for membership? Precisely how should an At Large membership select At Large Directors?

After registration validation, the minimum criteria should be an IP address. As in a democracy, all people (not just vested interests) should given the privilege of choosing those in decision-making positions.

e. If an At Large membership is to exist, what should its structure, role and functions be?

It's role and function should be to guide ICANN to general internet consensus, instead of the current model being led by special interest.

--Marcia Lynn



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