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Username: wampa
Date/Time: Wed, December 6, 2000 at 8:09 PM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: most of the rest of the board *is* elected


      i understand the desire to have at least half the board be at large members - just don't forget that the board members that are not at large directors *are* elected - they are elected by internet users who belong to various technical groups, most of which are open to anyone in the world (for instance the 3 aso directors are elected by the regional ip registries in open elections at their respective meetings).  so when you talk about 'making the entire board elected, or a majority of the board elected,' we are already there, out of the 19 members, 14 of the current board members are elected, 4 are left over appointments and 1 is elected by the board itself.



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