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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Wed, December 6, 2000 at 8:44 PM GMT
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Subject: Yes, but ...


       The problem is that the elections you mention are no "real"
elections, but rather elections within or better from non-elected
They decide among themselves who will represent them and therefore
these elections have the character of appointments.

Only if these entities were themselves being elected democratically,
before electing the respective directors to the board of directors of
ICANN, you could talk about an indirect democracy.
This is clearly not the case, yet.

A solution might be to install an indirect democracy, or a 50% to
50% mixture between direct and indirect democracy, with half of the
board of directors elected through such entities as mentioned above,
while the other half is elected through the at large members directly.
One director could continue to be appointed by election through the
board itself, as was the case till now.

This seems to be a fair compromise allowing 9 directly appointed
directors (from 9 regions of the world still to be determined) and 9
directors being elected through 9 democratically elected entities)
regional registries, et al.)

It would also mean, that these entities would have to introduce
elections in their system. Those acting like companies would not want
to change their attitudes, I suspect.
But maybe others could convince them of the advantages of democracy.


Friedrich Kisters
Human Bios GmbH



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