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Username: EvJohnson
Date/Time: Tue, December 12, 2000 at 5:03 PM GMT
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Subject: Porn site domain suggestion


           I am part owner of a small business named  I have a concern and a suggestion which would alleviate many of the problems we are experiencing in our schools and businesses concerning porn on the net.  
*****   THIS PROBLEM HAS AN EASY FIX!!!  *****
   In short my problem is this - if someone tries to find our site and inadvertantly types instead of - guess where they end up. Just try to do a search for "fun" and see what type of sites you come up with.
  Simply give the porn sites thier own ending!!!!  (example:  By giving porn sites thier own ending (.xxx) people who want porn would be able to find it, and the people who don't want porn would have a way to avoid it. By requiring that porn sites move into a specific ending it would be much easier for kids who are doing legitimate research to not end up at the porn sites (case in point - where do you think leads to? A porn site! If that isn't deceptive advertising aimed at teenagers what is?!) If you give porn sites .xxx as thier ending, which is the already recognised symbol for porn, it would be easier for people who are looking for it to find it as well as easier for people and children who are trying to avoid it.  Please respond to this letter and post your opinion on this matter (especially if you agree with me) because as we all know - it's the squeaking wheel that gets the grease!

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