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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Sun, December 17, 2000 at 10:44 PM GMT
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Subject: The WPG generally agrees with the Reconsideration Request of Image Olnline Design (15  yes : 0 no)


       During todays meeting, the Human Bios Web Project Group
(WPG) consisting both of swiss lawyers and economists has reviewed
the following Reconsideration Request to ICANN/its Reconsideration
Committee, filed by Image Online Design on 12/16/2000.

After discussing it from several legal points of view, the WPG came
to the conclusion (with 12 yes : 3 no) that ICANN has not acted
according to its own bylaws and that a Reconsideration should take
place immediately (15 yes: 0 no).

The WPG suggests it to be a proper way for ICANN to RECONSIDER its
decision by ADDING Image Online Designs application for .wed to "the
basket" of new gtlds (yes 15 : 0 no).

The WPG also discussed the question, if the replacement of .museum
by .web was an appropriate way of reconsideration (8 yes : 7 no).
Some members expressed serious legal objections towards such a
proceeding, but the majority of the WPG members thought that the
general benefit of .museum was so little at this stage, that it
wouldn't harm the interests of internet users, if .museum was going
to be added in 2002 instead of 2001.

3 members felt that this was exactly what should be done with Image
Online Design's .web application: Put it into next year's "new gtld
basket" WITHOUT ANY NEED OF RE-EVALUATION, thus guaranteeing
them to be among the next group of new gtld's to be admitted in 2002.

The WPG therefore asked, who favoured the proposal of adding
IOD's .web to next year's group of new gtld's to the following other
b) to immediately adding IOD's .web to the existing basket
   (0 yes: 15 no)
c) to having .web replace .museum and offering .museum a free access
   for next years "basket" (7 yes : 7 no)
d) to just leaving the situation as it is (15 yes : 0 no)

The WPG therefore asks ICANN to
a) reconsider adding .web to this year's "basket of new gtld's".

b) Eventually consider replacing .museum by .web

c) Eventually consider offering to Image Oline Design's .web a
guarantee to be included in the next group of new gtlds to be
introduced in 2002.

The WPG generally agrees with the Reconsideration Request of Image
Online Design (15 yes : 0 no).



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