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Username: myunkoo kang
Date/Time: Fri, December 22, 2000 at 11:01 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
Score: 15
Subject: An Asian perspective


1) I endorse the comments posted by the ICANN-EU mailing list.
2) I do not think the clean sheet approach is the right way to go; it is a step backwards. It is not At Large Membership which needs support from ICANN. Rather, ICANN needs backing up from At Large. We need to start from this assumption.
3) Recent At Large Election was in no way perfect, but it was a meaningful experiment which happened on-line. I am hoping that the global election for the other 4 directors would be well prepared and successfully conclude. I expect to see a new, effective model that can work for the global At Large election.
4) As a member of Asia – Pacific At Large, I propose to ICANN that there should be more systematic support for members in non-English regions. Ordinary users in Korea don’t understand the concept of ‘At Large’ YET. In Asian region, I believe, the notion of At Large is not familiar in general. With cooperation from each ccTLDs, or from regional TLD, there should at least be a webpage, preferably within ICANN website. Maybe something like ‘ICANN for Dummies’ or ‘At Large for Dummies’ might work.
5) Concerning ways to promote Asian At Large members so that it is more organized, the Study has to consider the fact that:
- the level of development of public sphere in different regions. I believe the public sphere in Asian region is not as well established as those in some other region. Through effective outreach program and voluntary participation from the Asian ALM, the At Large system can become a good classroom for learning democracy.
- Different histories of regional cooperation. In case of Europe, they have learned various interactive skills between countries while setting up the EU polity. But Asia has started to exchange resource and information only recently – about a decade ago.
- Not enough flow of people and information/people within/among the regional countries. Again, the history of exchanging resources among the Asian countries is unimpressive. To boost up the cooperation among these countries, there definitely should be a strategy or a plan.



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