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Username: pilot5
Date/Time: Sun, December 24, 2000 at 7:33 PM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: You Are Correct ... And I Might Add


        ICANN's mistake is having no concern for those peoples who do not understand the At Large concept, tech issues, root servers, etc.  Basically, ICANN is alienating the end user ... a huge mistake.  Those of us who are in dire need of internet tools will look to alternative internet systems for our needs, unless ICANN starts listening and quits worrying about whether .SUCKS is "relevant", or whether a "parallel basket" should be started.

The companies and individuals which propel our Gross National Product are the companies that trade or manufacture real products (cars, washing machines, furniture, toys, etc.), not the companies whose products include lawsuits, user bases, or domain names. 

If ICANN wants to contribute to a healthy worldwide economy, it should include (on its staff and board) more individuals involved with production of actual products, instead of those who merely know about internet protocols, PPP, SLIP, roots, servers, etc.  Any tech-head fresh out of college can bring info to the table about hardware and software necessary to successfully run the internet.

Most of the current ICANN board members would better serve ICANN in a consulting capacity only, and not in the current capacity of controlling things like new TLDs. 

With all due respect to current board members, they have failed miserably created harmony within the Internet infrastructure, letting their egos and retirement goals get in the way of accepting credible, sensible advice pertaining to Internet policy.    


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