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Username: sakichan
Date/Time: Tue, December 26, 2000 at 11:40 PM GMT (Wed, December 27, 2000 at 8:40 AM JST)
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Subject: To have a fair at-large election


        The process and result of Last at-Large election in Asia/Pacific region was bad.
Most voters, especially in Japan, had little information about candidates (most Japanese people, including me, are very poor at English).

The government of Japan and JPNIC planned a top-down nationalistic mobilization for Mr. Katoh. They intently announce through nation-wide newspapers a biased information, which lacks "what is at stake in ICANN".

Then, they requested many IT-related companies
to have their employees to vote to Mr. Katoh
(details are at
) . I wonder if employees of some companies
could vote secretly.

As a result, many (over 10 thousands) Japanese people blindly voted to Mr. Katoh.

This is very serious, because the mobilization
made Japan the nation that has the largest number of at-large members. That nationalistic, totalitarian mobilization will be repeated.

If until the next election ICANN officially investigates the details of the mobilization and let JPNIC disclose the all process of the mobilization and warns not to mobilize forcedly, we at-large members may have a
fair election.



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