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Username: sternlight
Date/Time: Thu, May 11, 2000 at 8:59 PM GMT (Thu, May 11, 2000 at 1:59 PM PDT)
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Subject: At Large Membership and the budget


      I note that there is no provision in the proposed budget for an at-large membership staff director and associated resources. In the ICANN org chart the at-large component is shown (with a different shape) at the level of the SOs. Is it the intention that this component be self-funded, as are other SOs? If so, this would seem to prejudge the issue of membership dues by implication, since the alternative would be for the at-large membership structure to be supported by other parties with the hand-to-mouth resource starvation such a process often produces.

In the alternative, since at-large is uniquely representative of the broad base of users of the Internet, it may be appropriate (and I suggest the Board consider) that at-large membership activities be funded as part of ICANN's core budget. In that case, the draft budget would need to be modified to include an at-large membership director and support staff not only to support that membership, but also to support the board and its at-large directors in policy development and execution of at-large membership activities.


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