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Username: gburton
Date/Time: Thu, May 25, 2000 at 10:18 PM GMT
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Subject: Executive Compensation


As I suspected, ICANN's salary ranges for officers and managers is somewhat skewed. The Non-Profit Times conducts a salary survey of non-profits in February of every year - here are some of the results for this year.

"If you’re the boss at a foundation, you’re sitting pretty at an average $106,352 salary. The boss at an organization generating $50 million or more in annual revenue boasts an average salary of $165,627. At between $10 million and $49.9 million, that average salary dips to $143,475. From there it drops like a penny off the roof of the Sears Tower in Chicago. Organizations generating between $1 million and $9.9 million pay an average $80,351 and groups with income of between $500,000 and $999,999 pay $58,003, on average, for the top job."       

Note that the relevent figure for ICANN's size is an average salary for the CEO of under $81,000. The budgeted range for every officer of ICANN starts 100k - 25% higher than the average for an equivalent organization's CEO position. The current CEO contract is $216,000 annualized - almost 30% higher than the average for a foundation with over 10 times ICANN's revenues, and 2.66 times the average for organizations in ICANN's revenue range.

Please be very clear, here - I am not faulting any of the current officers or board members. For budgeting purposes, however, I would suggest that the compensation ranges be adjusted as follows:

CEO - 80-150 thousand
Other Officers - 60-100 thousand
Managers & Technical Specialists - 40-65 thousand
Exempt - unchanged

Note that these ranges establish as their base the approximate average for these positions. This is certainly a fair approach, and will guarantee that employees will not be underpaid in comparison with other employees of non-profits.

Certainly appropriate performance bonuses could be added to that, or clauses added into employee contracts.

comments and response are welcome, as always :)


Link: 2000 Salary Survey

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