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Registry Evaluation Reports
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  • To: <gtld-plan-comments@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Registry Evaluation Reports
  • From: "Richard Henderson" <richardhenderson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 22:42:04 -0000

Could Stuart Lynn kindly inform the public (and all ICANN participants) 
where the Registry Evaluation Reports can be found? As a key element of 
the New TLD Evaluation Process, and an element which the ICANN-Registry 
Agreement (Appendix U) said could be made public, I find it 
extraordinary that 6 months after they should have been made available, 
there is still neither sight nor sign of them.

How are serious participants in ICANN processes meant to form judgements 
about further New TLDs, when the Evaluation Reports on the process from 
Afilias and Neulevel are missing and inaccessible to all constituencies?

1. Have they been submitted in full?
2. Have they been made available for people to see (as was allowed under 
Appendix U which clearly warned Afilias and Neulevel that their 
submissions could be open to public scrutiny)?
3. Where are they? Where can they be found?

In the light of profound disquiet over the release of these New TLDS, it 
does seem reprehensible that ICANN withholds this key data.

How can Stuart Lynn suggest that the same Agreements are used again for 
further New TLDs, when the previous Agreements resulted in fiasco and 
criticism? How can he suggest the consumer is exposed to further abuse 
of process, when no proper analysis has been carried out - and made 
public - of the difficulties encountered by the Registries in the 
previous release? Furthermore, the Registries have to be liable to be 
called to account for their own conduct, and their explanation - as 
presented in their Evaluation reports - would be both interesting in 
itself and valuable for the formation of future policy.

How can ICANN claim to encourage participation and involvement of 
various constituencies in its decision-making processes, while at the 
same time withholding information that is relevant to the formation of 
policy and decisions?

The Board which EXPELLED the public's representatives fron the ICANN 
Boardroom now gives the appearance of not caring much about its own 
Agreements, procedures, and accountability of its processes.

Where are the Registry Evaluation Reports please?

Richard Henderson

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