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Re: Comment on Dr. Lynn's TLD Action Plan
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  • Subject: Re: Comment on Dr. Lynn's TLD Action Plan
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  • Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 11:59:13 -0800
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The .iii team continues to view the market for individual registrations as
the most promising area for expansion of the DNS over the long term. In
planning its entry into that market, the .iii team has developed a
different focus than .name, with a different suite of services (focusing,
in part, on digital identification for individuals and their digital
devices) and a different naming structure. Importantly, ".iii" is also
semantically far from ".name" and shouldn't cause confusion in the
marketplace between the two registry offerings.

Even if, viewed broadly, ".iii" targets the same general market as ".name,"
it wasn't our view that the Board awarded Global Name Registry an exclusive
franchise for the potentially enormous individual registration market. By
one recent estimate, the number of individual Internet users increased by
over 100 million in just the last year. That kind of growth promises to
continue for the foreseeable future, and the .iii team remains confident
that, over time, some significant percentage of those users will become
consumers of DNS registration services. When they do, the .iii team is
ready, willing and able to provide those services, if ICANN will allow them
entry into the market. We look forward to that day.

I know most of this weekend's public forum is devoted to transitional
issues, but I hope I'll have the opportunity to address any further
questions during time devoted to Dr. Lynn's plan or any open microphone


Counsel to the Applicants for the .iii TLD
(Sarnoff Corporation, Atomic Tangerine Inc., and NextDNS Inc.)

vinton.g.cerf@wcom.com wrote on 12/09/2002 08:44:08 PM:
> Bret,
> why doesn't .name fulfill this need already?
> vint

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