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Re: [ifwp] EFF bylaws

Pete and all,

Pete Farmer wrote:

> EFF has posted, on their site, proposed revisions to IANA's Draft 5.  I
> infer that these are the changes that Dave Farber has mentioned.
> http://www.eff.org/pub/GII_NII/DNS_control/HTML/19980930_eff_new_iana_by
> laws.html

  Unfortunately this Proposal has a distinct lack of vision and is little
betterthan the the IANA's Draft-5 in that it does not provide for an initial
organizational structure.

  Our proposal for Bylaws will be sent to this list and the NTIA sometime later
or possible as late as tomorrow evening depending on what progress our team
has made on them.  BUt the Membership structure is going to be pretty much as

  To Wit:

ARTICLE II Membership Organization

  Be it known that all of the internet community have the possibility of
becoming members of the ICANN on an equal basis with support
organizations in all facets of the management of any and all resources
here within these bylaws articles.  That every internet user, is by
definition a stakeholder regardless of age, race, creed or previously present
condition of servitude.  The they have the unabridged right of their
vote on an equal status and position as long as they are members
that can and should be exercised on any and all resolutions or
otherwise considerations the the Board of Directors, councils,
committees or other temporary or permanent bodies which are or may
become part of the ICANN now or in the future.

1.)  Membership requirements (Individuals)

     (a). All individuals that have an E-Mail address or a DN registered in
           their name or the name of their employer shall be qualified
           to become a member of the ICANN with equal an full voting
           rights immediately upon joining the ICANN.

     (b)  Membership dues shall be free for all members that are under
           the age of 18 years.  They should have full voting rights
           however.  Upon turning the age of 18 years to maintain their
           membership will be required.

     (c)  Membership dues shall not exceed $50 US for one year or
           a lifetime membership cost of $1000.

     (d)  Membership dues can only be changed by a 2/3 (Two thirds)
           majority vote of the membership, and will apply to the following year

            of the change.

     (e)  Members should have the right to submit proposals to the board in
            a predetermined form for consideration by all of the membership by
            majority vote and cannot be overridden by the board.

     (f)  Any and all resolutions and/or other considerations that will or could
           and impact on the creation of TLD's, allocation of IP addresses,
           introduction of protocols, definition of additional Supporting
           organizations of addition thereof, definition of any DNS issues
           other than TLD's, or addition or processes of RIR's should be
           subject to Membership vote in a simple majority before enactment.

> The EFF proposal is not posted on the NTIA site.  I do not know if EFF
> has formally presented the proposal to NTIA.
> They describe their changes as addressing issues of transparency &
> openness, free expression, transition arrangements, and protection of
> existing monopoly contractor.
> Pete
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