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FCR Supports IANA's Fifth Draft Bylaws

FCR (Fundacio' Catalan per a la Recerca; Catalan Research Foundation) wishes
to expressely support the 5th iteration of the Draft bylaws as proposed by

FCR has actively participated in all relevant fora discussing the DNS issue,
and Internet governance, including the gTLD-MoU Policy Advisory Body, the EU
"Panel of Participants" and the IFWP. We feel that the current draft reflects
adequately the majoritiarian positions in all those groups/processes.

Indeed we would have been happier if the geographical distribution of the
Board members had included a better difinitio of the regions, and most
specially if the ceiling for each single region had been lowered from 50% to
33%. We would also had welcomed that at least a member of the Board came form
a non-OECD country, preferably from Latin America.

We will keep asking these changes and refinements for the future, especially
as new Borad members will need to be selected.

We have nevertheless a request for a specific modification of the current
proposal to be implemented at this stage. We strongly urge the reconsideration
of the name of the new entity. For historical, practical and symbolic reasons
nothing would be more appropriate than keeping the name of IANA. But few names
would be more unfortunate that ICANN, with its hopefully unintended vizarre
prononciation and, most importantly, its strange use of the rem Corporation.

Taking all this into acount we urge the NTIA to accept and endorse the current
IANA/ICANN proposal and have the new entity up and running as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Amadeu Abril i Abril
Legal & Policy Adviser; Internet Affairs
Fundacio' Catalana per a la Recerca (FCR)

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