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Comments on "joint IANA and NSI" documents

IANA web page http://www.iana.org/description2.html which presents the IANA/IES
proposed deal is introduced by the following epigraph : "Dedicated to 
preserving the central coordinating functions of the global Internet for the 
public good"
This notion of "public good" seems to me essential and is not enough reflected 
in the proposed by-laws for the new "Corporation"(ICANN ?). 

These are two proposals to be included in the new "Corporation"  for
specific OBLIGATIONS TO THE PUBLIC in exchange for its privileged status of
official Domain name and IP address registry.
The objectives of the proposals are to increase the public knowledge about
Internet and its evolution, to guarantee more transparency and to allow more
equity among humans towards Internet :

Proposal #1 
The "Corporation" will propose before the end of its first year of
operation a scheme for allocating through official authorities a consistent 
universal electronic name which could be allocated free of charge on lifetime 
to each human being. It will then coordiante in cooperation with governments 
and international organizations the implementation of this scheme.

Proposal #2 The "Corporation" will provide at least twice a year complete
statistics on domain name and IP address allocation including  statistical
information on and make them freely accessible on its web, according to a
published statistical protocol.

I am ready to expand and answer to comments on these proposals which have 
the support of Bruno Oudet, chairman of the french chapter of ISOC.

Michel Elie
Montpellier (France)
eMail : elie@cnam.fr ; Michel.Elie@hol.fr
Tel : + 33 (0)4 67 67 07 67
Observatoire des Usages d'Internet/Observatory of the uses of the Internet

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