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Generic TLDs

A small suggestion, based on both practical and political
considerations: organizations with a presence solely within
a single country should only be able to register under the
TLD for that country. Hence, "Tony's Barbershop" should not
be able to register "tony.com" but only "tony.com.us".

The main reason for this is that, at present, the useful
space of names in popular TLDs (like .com) is totally
dominated by US-based organizations, most of which do not
have any international presence at all.

The practical benefit of this proposal is an increased set
of usable names: tony.com.us, tony.com.uk, tony.com.de, etc.

The other benefit is political correctness: reducing the
appearance that US organizations think that the Internet
is "theirs", and the rest of the world just a blip somewhere
in the background.


Bradley Richards


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