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Re: [ifwp] Re: Let's move on (was:Re: Sept. Berkman Ctr mtg cancellation)

I feel like I'm wasting my weekend with this discusssion, but I will at
least make one more post to clearify my position in this matter.

On Fri, 9 Oct 1998, Michael Sondow wrote:
> > I don't know you, nor do I know the folks at the Berkman Center. I
> > actually hardly know anyone in the IFWP process and I have no good name
> > in this matters. But still I have a point of view, maybe not as
> > articulated as yours, but it is my point of view. 
> Has anyone ever suggested you don't? Certainly not I.

No, but in some postings lately someone proved that 17 individuals account
for approximately 91 percent of all postings to this list. I guess these
17 individuals claim they have something more to give the process than
others, otherwise they would hardly take up so much of the debate arena.
Since I'm not among these 17 persons, but you are Mr Sondow, I just wanted
to stress my right to have a say in this matter - as well as the
self-choosen 17 individuals.

> > The Berkman Center as well as loads of other prominent and well-educated
> > people and organizations did put in a lot of time and effort to make the
> > IFWP work. 
> Well, it hasn't worked. Not yet, at any rate. Not until there's a NewCo
> with a popular structure and members.

But you can hardly blame the Berkman Center for this. I attended the
meeting in Geneva and I found it quite clear that the present part 
of the Internet community and Internet stakeholders wasn't doing much to
reach consensus. If one party says A and the other party says C you might
reach consensus at B. In Geneve the party stuck to their initial
standings, and if you're not ready to compromise, you can never reach any
agreements. That's one of the fundamentals of negotiation. I say we move
on, and not waste more time looking back. For example - how do you want
the board to constructed to satisfy your neeeds? Do we have consensus on
this list for your suggestion? Fine - then let's do some serious lobby
activity to gain support in the rest of the Internet community. Throwing
dirt at the Berkman Center won't do you, them, the IFWP or me any good.

Lead, follow or get out of the way!
> > Now it's time to look forward, and try to achieve the best
> > possible solution out of results so far.  
> No, sorry, but not out of results so far. Out of the results we will
> produce.

So - produce!

> > Let the historians discuss the
> > past. 
> The past has become the present, and risks becoming the immediate
> future, when Mr. Zittrain and others who have not had the courage to
> stick by the IFWP come back here and begin making proposals. It's not
> for us, who have stuck by the IFWP all summer, through thick and thin,
> to ask what we can do for Jonathan Zittrain, who has returned here
> because the IFWP looks likely to become again a force in this affair,
> but for Jonathan Zittrain to ask what he can do for the IFWP.

Zittrain never left the building, did he?





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