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Telia Network Services supports the 5th version draft articles and bylaws

Mr Dr. Postel, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Telia Network Services / Telia AB supports the 5th version draft 
articles and bylaws. Even though that there are still some points
that has to be discussed further and is today not to our full 

But as the sitiuation is today with a small timelimit and that we 
have to make progress, we have decided to support this draft and 
its supporting bylaws.

Telia Network Services emphatically support internet self-governance
and we belive that this is a step in the right direction.

We also belive that the most of the unanswered questions can be taken 
care of by the interimboard and other open forums with the participation 
of the internet as a whole.


Amar Andersson

Telia Network Services
Stockholm Sweden

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