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Re: [ifwp] Re: Amazing things happening

Tony and all,

Tony Rutkowski wrote:

> Gordon et al.
> >5.  the arrival of the ORSC proposal with by laws to which Ira can turn has
> >to be seen by him as a god send.
> Since the closed Initial Board selection process
> will come under even greater scrutiny and criticism,
> it might be useful to detail a plan and timetable for
> the initial board selection under the ORSC option.

  Yes indeed it would.  THis seems to be one of the serious flaws in theORSC
proposal as well as in the BWG proposal.  However Our proposal
does provide for this completely.

See: http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/domainname/proposals/ineginc/ineginc
For more details.

  Oh, and Ellen, BTW, this sort of refutes your statement that our plan is not
on the
table now doesn't it?  Hummmmmmm?

> It will also be useful to document the machinations
> underway to create sham organizations in the names
> and protocol areas.  This predatory behavior enhances
> the case for the ORSC corporation.

  Yes, the ORSC proposal does do a nice job here.  However with theadvent of an
Initial Individual Membership Organization that would have a VOTE
on how and what organizations would be selected for these SO's, this should
be easily eliviated if not completely eliminated.

> --tony
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