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Re: Fwd: IP: Remembrance/postel

October 18, 1998

TO: To The Friends, Family, and Co-workers of Jon Postel c/o COMMENTS@IANA.ORG
FROM: Stephen J. Page, T: 925-454-8624
RE: Sorrows and Sympathy

To All Who Mourn His Passing,
        It is with great shock and sadness that I read about the very
untimely death of Jon Postel last night.  Although I have only spoken to
him by telephone, email, and by letter, I am sad that I did not have the
opportunity to meet him in person.
        While I am not familiar with the state of his health, as a health
care practitioner who is familiar with the long term health effects of
pressure, the stress of being one person occupying such a high profile and
important function for his entire career, one of the most important
positions in the history of the evolving Internet, must have been difficult
to bear as the sole occupant in the seat of IANA's power.
        What must have given him great satisfaction as the occupant of the
seat, was the knowledge that he was serving a large number of people, doing
a number of important jobs required by the growing "network of networks".
In my experience, as someone who has learned from the many thousands of
people that I served as an optometrist, that happiest and most contented
people walking the earth are those who feel the joy of gratitude from other
people which comes from serving them.  I suspect that this may have applied
to Jon.
        Although I cannot know for sure, I cannot help but think that as
the Internet grew up, much like a child maturing, he must have had an
extraordinary sense of pride and fulfillment that the fruits of his labor,
and others, were being so richly harvested.  Along with the gratitude shown
by others in recognition of his service, he must have felt the peace of
knowing that his life had meaning.  Not everyone is able to see the
tangible results of their effort, so Jon was lucky.
        Only his close friends, family, and intimate care givers will know
whether these words from a respectful colleague will resonate as true, but
it is a comforting thought to those who can appreciate the role which he
was actively playing, shaping, redefining and decentralizing the service
which he had provided for so many years.
        With heartfelt sympathy, I mourn his passing.


Stephen J. Page
"i.com" Applicant for Registration, ichannel@home.com, and
Internet .a(sm)-.z(sm) Name Registry, www.a-z-registry.com
T: 925-454-8624 email: usdh@ccnet.com

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