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jons death

We at CORE were deeply saddened to hear of Jon's death.
Jon Postel's passing is a loss of extraordinary proportions.  His vision of a
world drawn together through a vast common communications network has
become a reality, and his genius and leadership were the key to its

Jon's legacy is a proud one, but his work remains unfinished.  His star,
which shone so brightly while he was among us, now hangs like a beacon on the
horizon.  We must recommit ourselves to follow his unerring sense of
direction.  We have lost the visionary, but we can not lose the vision.
Jon listened to all, he carefully weighed every voice and concern, and helped us develop and choose a path for a new organization that preserves and expands the integrity and stability of the Internet for the future. 
We at CORE stand ready to help assure that Jon's work, and, truly, all our work, has not been in vain. 
Ken Stubbs
Internet Consulting
Chairman - Internet Council of Registrars  (CORE)
e-mail = kstubbs@corenic.org

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