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Re: [ifwp] Re: the Administration's position

Ellen and all,

Ellen Rony wrote:

> Peter Farmer wrote:
> >To the extent that these stakeholders and the voting process can be
> >validated by NTIA, I am sure that the proposal will receive full
> >consideration.
>  To the extent that its not a private proposal based on a private agenda
> To the extent that it followed the White Paper principles of openness and
> transparency and is based on any consensus ascertained through a public
> process.

  Our proposal is there for any and all to comment on or have commented uponin
the open process that the NTIA so graciously provided.  In addition, our
is always open for any comments of suggestions.  Please direct those to me as
are automatically submitted to our internal mailing system for review via an
This comment not withstanding.

> ORSC submitted its Articles of Incorporation to NTIA.  Will INEG's be
> forthcoming anytime in this century?  . . Yeah, right.

If you have been checking Ellen, our Articles of Incorporation are part of
theComment index on the NTIA's site.  Please feel free to review them at your
leisure.  >;)  IN addition we have also provided a Non revocable perpetual
Trust fund for funding of the NewCo that is currently funded to $28m currently,
and still growing.  How does the ORSC proposal intend to adequately provide for
perpetual funding other than charging exorbitant fees?

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