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RE: Comments on Kent Crispin's DNSO details

Stephen J. Page [mailto:usdh@mailhub2.ncal.verio.com] wrote:
>FROM: Stephen J. Page, Individual Respondee to 
>DNSpolicy@NTIA.DOC.GOV; Participant, Open Root 
>Server Consortium (ORSC), Independent Researcher,
>Network Systems, Pleasanton, California, US, 
>representing Internet .a(sm)-.z(sm) Name Registry, 
>T: 925-454-8624 email: usdh@ccnet.com, and
>Developer, the i(r).com(sm) network access, connectivity 
>and content service to the global community of i(r)ndividuals,
>email: ichannel@home.com


Where do these people come from?  What kind of water are they drinking?

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