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Hauben's ???

The internet was created on the public dime.  now it's a public and private
treasure.  have private companies build on that public foundation and made
money?  yes, and that's not news.  is there a government fire-sale going on
right now with the DNS?  maybe, maybe not.  Ms. Hauben thinks so.  She
thinks there is an injustice going on.

Half of the postings on this list seem to deal with unmasking everyone
else's hidden agendas - who has NSI as a client, who does Jones Day
represent, where is the CORE money?

So how do we treat one of the few writers on this list who, rightly or
wrongly, argues on behalf of users of the Internet, someone whose ideas, if
implemented, are not likely to result in stock options, consulting
contracts or legal representation for her.  OK, maybe a government grant.

We refer to her "ignorance" in the subject heading of a thread, and wonder
out loud why any one should pay attention to her.

Yesterday someone wrote a long post that mythologized this debate, and
ended with the  insight: try accomodation.

This list responded with thunderous appluase, in fact one poster said that
the author should have his piece "published."

Yes, once someone invented the Internet, online access providers gave more
people access than the Haubens of the world.  I think we Californians are
much smarter and better than the Montanans (and the Indians before them)
and we should elect a Californian governor.

Let's show Ms. Hauben respect.

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