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IANA/ICANN: Illegitimate!

IANA, a shadowy organization without a leader
 or members, is seeking to impose a version of
 Internet Regulation that not only defies the
 US Government's White Paper but also runs counter
 to the consensus on these matters developed over
 time and represented in the IFWP process. IANA
 has unilaterally created a company, appointed
 it's own Board of directors and President and
 ploughs headlong in opposition to general dissent
 and contrary to White House indications.

 We must somehow diable this effort and re-
 impose some sense to events. Again the handful
 of people who make up IANA are opposing the
 hughe majority of other stakeholders and inter- 
 ested parties. They threaten to unleash open and
 critical conflict in the Net community which
 could very well lead to chaos in terms of the
 functioning of the Internet.

 Netizens must get involved and voice their
 opinions. Other governments must come up to
 speed on the issues and beging to take action
 on their own. IANA is trying to push this whole
 mess through in a one-off meeting in Boston
 on the 14th and in an escalation of it's
 illegitimate Board of directors and organzition.
 Crtitics will be forced to set up parrallel
 organizations and, if necessary, to parrallel
 International networks. This would be a shame
 but if we have no other choice then we will
 engage these actions.

 IANA/ICANN *must* back down from it's precipitous
 activities. Netizens and other uninvolved but
 concerned persons and groups must be included
 in the process.

 Bob Allisat

 Free Community Network ... http://fcn.net ... bob@fcn.net

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