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Re: Suggestions for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

At 01:32 PM 11/11/98 +0000, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
>Joseph Friedman wrote:
>> 1) The name of the organization
>> The name of the organization, currently the Internet Corporation for
>> Names and Numbers (ICANN), should be renamed to the Internet Assigned
>> Authority (IANA).  
>This is impossible. IANA is a technical function executed for the IETF, 
>currently by ISI, which the IETF (acting through the IAB) will 
>re-delegate by the end of the year. The name is not available for ICANN 
>as a corporation.

The IETF can't be possibly be re-delegating the technical functions
currently executed by IANA.  The functions will be carried on by the new
organization (ICANN) after the transition.  

And how is it then that Dr. Postel proposed the new organization be named
IANA if that name isn't available?

>   Brian Carpenter
>   Chair, Internet Architecture Board

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