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November 16, 1998

Dear Secretary Daley,

On September 28, 1998, an individual proposed for a "new" regional 
registry. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority generated an e-mail of 
7 criterias. In my opinion, the present regional registries are having 
monopoly over Internet numbers in designated regions and the new 
corporation & the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority should allow 
interested individuals & organizations to establish alternative regional 
registries (3), without having to obtain support from the ccTLD 
registrars, ISPs, etc...

As I have read comments at http://www.iana.org/comments.html, the 
present regional registries and ccTLD registrars aren't co-operating 
with the interested parties. The contacts for one of the interested 
party is gifttrek@fz.ml.org and susancho@tm.net.my.

1. Regional scope, (X)
    : the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority should allow interested
      parties to service more than one region of interest.
    : this should not be a criteria.
2. Support from country-code top level domain name registrars in the
    region and ISPs in the region,
    : this should not be a criteria. (not logical)
3. Bottom-up self governance structure,
    : no obligations. (logical)
4. Neutrality and impartiality vis a vis all interested parties, 
    the ISPs,
    : no obligations. (logical)
5. Technical expertise required to do the work,
    : no obligations. (logical)
6. adherence to global policies regarding address space     
conservation, aggregation and registration,
    : no obligations. (logical)
7. An appropriate funding model such as "not for profit".
    : no obligations. (logical)

With my strongest support from an alternative Internet registry to be 
established, please reply to my e-mail. Your concern is appreciated.



Message to IANA:-
1. Please consider the above suggestions and contact me and or the
    contacts specified above (gifttrek@fz.ml.org, susancho@tm.net.my).
2. You should post a message on the Internet, concerning this matter, 
   allowing the Internet Community to give suggestions, ideas, advice, 
   I think it isn't logical for you to ask the interested parties to 
obtain all the support and get rejected by the Internet Community after 
the consensus has been submitted to you.

I will send you more suggestions.
Message to Esther Dyson (Interim Chairman, ICANN):-
1. The ICANN should provide support the interested parties in 
establishing the regional registry, eventhough I understand ICANN isn't 
ready to handle such matters.
2. ICANN should give suggestions, ideas, advice, etc...
3. ICANN should allow teens below the age of 18 to join ICANN at no
4. ICANN should maintain the October-2-Bylaws.
5. ICANN should allow interested people to join ICANN as an interest     
to learn more about the Management of Internet Names and
Message to regional registries:-
1. APNIC, RIPE NCC and ARIN should support the new regional
    registry's establishment, instead of ignoring e-mails and         
not cooperating.
2. APNIC should not allow MIMOS Bhd. to obtain many IP address
    blocks from APNIC.
3. APNIC's second opinion request form for ISPs isn't effective for
    TMnet Telekom Malaysia.
4. The regional registries shouldn't be servicing more than one region,     
hence the term "regional registry".
5. APNIC shouldn't allow APNIC members to obtain unlimited Internet
    resources from APNIC as the Internet resources will be exhausted.

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