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Re: The IANA's File of iTLD Requests (Flashback)

At 15:41 1998/11/14 -0500, Bob Allisat wrote:
>| Here is a preliminary summary of the file of messages, including domain
>| name registration forms, received by the IANA since Septermber 1995.

Just for the record again, since someone brought it up...

I received a copy of the list detailing TLD requests from Jon Postal
in December 1996, at which point I replied to IANA and InterNIC
with the following, also just "for the record". 
(The InterNIC ticket is _still_ open after three years, listed below.)

---- My Original Message - 17 Jan 1997 ----

>I received the following from a list detailing TLD requests to the IANA,
>and would like to clarify (for the record) that my original request for 
>delegation of TLD "ALT" was made on 15 September 1995, an auto-reply to which 
>is attached below and includes the (still open) NSI/InterNIC tracking number.
>The 13 February 1996 TLD request form (shown in the list below) was a
>re-submission of the same 15 sept 1995 form, as I had not received further
>updates in 5 months, although the original ticket is still to this day 
>listed as "Status... Open"... the followup ticket (NIC-960213.2783) 
>_was_ closed and forwarded to IANA in feb 1996.
>Thank You for your attention in this matter,
>Jim Howard
>>> The following is the offical list put forth by IANA on 12/5/1996:
>>> TLD NAME  NOTE  DATE                  REQUESTER
>   [... some entries deleted for space ...]
>>> .ALT      FORM  13 Feb 1996 17:50:44  James Howard <jhoward@LYCEUM.COM>
>>> .ALT      FORM  20 Mar 1996 00:02:34  Gregory Massel <greg@csurf.co.za>
>>> .ALT      FORM  27 Jun 1996 15:41:29  Michael Dillon <michael@memra.com>
>--- Included Message, originally sent to hostmaster@internic.net ---
>Received: from rs.internic.net (ops.internic.net []) by
zeus.lyceum.com (8.6.12/8.6.12) with ESMTP id QAA02538 for <bit@bintec.com>;
Fri, 15 Sep 1995 16:21:05 -0400
>Received: (mts@localhost) by rs.internic.net (8.6.11/InterNIC-RS) id
QAA29736; Fri, 15 Sep 1995 16:14:50 -0400
>Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 16:14:50 -0400
>Message-Id: <199509152014.QAA29736@rs.internic.net>
>To: bit@bintec.com
>From: hostmaster@internic.net
>Subject: Re: [NIC-950915.1006] NEW DOMAIN alt.
>Reply-To: hostmaster@internic.net
>X-MTS-LoopDetect: InterNIC_Registration_Services
>Precedence: Bulk
>In-Reply-To: Your message of Fri, 15 Sep 1995 16:14:41 -0400 (EDT)
>This is an automatic reply to acknowledge that your message has been 
>received by hostmaster@internic.net.  The staff member in charge of 
>processing your request will notify you when it has been completed.
>In order to help us track the progress of this request, we ask that you
>include the [NIC-950915.1006] in the subject line of any further mail about
>particular request.  You may do this simply by replying to this email.
>[...further content deleted...]

---- Finger of original InterNIC tracking ticket ----
% date
Tue Nov 17 14:33:00 EST 1998

% finger NIC-950915.1006@internic.net 
Connecting to tracking database....Ok
Welcome to InterNIC Registration Services Tracking System
Your Tracking Number....: 950915.1006
Status..................: Open

Initial Submission......: 15-sep-1995 15:08:45
Following Submission....: 17-jan-1997 11:47:06
InterNIC Response.......: 25-sep-1995 14:20:51           
Jim Howard             Sr Network Engineer        Lyceum Internet
jhoward@lyceum.com     http://www.lyceum.com/     404.248.1733     

My PGP Public Key: http://www.lyceum.com/~jhoward/pgp-key.txt
Fingerprint: 7E8B E2BA 1314 2535 CB08  CFF9 119B 7CD3 2488 954D

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