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To whom it may concern,
    Due to the unmanageability and commitments of the role for InterNIC
and SAIC policy for determining proper TLD's assignment, and the failure
to comply with the guidelines for which types of entities should
register in each of the three TLDs,  provided in RFC 1591, it is
important to establish new TLD's.
    The major benefit, if properly implemented, would be to re-assign or
establish new protocols, within different categories of classification.
Point being, for sites with sexual content, the TLD would be required to
be .adult , or even something as blatant as .sex, therefore search
engines could be tailored to eliminate offensive sites from the end
users systems, even Public Libraries.
    As the new governing authority, it should be the responsibility to
monitor and establish proper classifications of TLD's in order to
protect the rights of information and protect the rights of individuals.

Thank you

Kevin Du Priest -CEO
Digital Network Applications, Inc. (DNA)

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