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Re: [IFWP] Tale of two grey ribbons

Ellen and all,

  Ellen, I think your "Gray Ribbon" Campaign is laudable.  However I wonder
if it will have any effect on the ICANN(t) behavior with respect to closed
meeting or since they have already announced yet another closed meeting in
singapore, if there is any real outcome to be expected?  Wouldn't it just
be better to promote a boycott instead?  Just a thought....

Ellen Rony wrote:

If it's hard to find a unique name identifier on the Internet, imagine the
difficulty in finding a unique color.  Oh, sure, we can set our monitors to
show a million colors or browser safe colors expressed in HEX.  When it
comes to designating a ribbon color to identify a cause or a protest, the
palate and pickings are slim.

On January 22, 1999, I launched a Grey Ribbon Campaign to protest the
closed board meetings of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers (ICANN).  The color suggested itself as a symbol to bring this
Internet corporation out of the shadows.

The campaign currently has visible support from the following websites:
(see links at http://www.domainhandbook.com/icannt.html#supporters):

Artists Against Racism
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR)
The Cook Report
Daniel Stern Automotive Lighting
Domain Name Handbook
Domain Name Resources at VRX Network Services
Domain Name Services Organization (DNSO.NET)
Domain Registry Resources Page
Dr. Eberhard W. Lisse: Namibia
European Parts Specialists Online
International Congress of Independent Internet Users (ICIIU)
International Killifish Association
Mercedes Benz Owners' Website
Mom's Only Mall
Open Root Server Confederation (ORSC)
Professor Milton Mueller: Syracuse University
Publicly Accessible Aquaria Mailing Lists
Trimension:Sim Wars

Now comes the news that there is another, earlier campaign promoted with
silver/gray ribbon.  The Silver/Gray ribbon is an emblem for people who
encourage the effort to find a cure for diabetes . It is sponsored by the
Diabetes and Hypoglycemia Forum at

I have had several very cordial exchanges with Greg Werstiuk, a man
involved with the Silver/Gray Ribbon campaign, about the potential
confusion between these grey ribbons which are affixed to variuos websites.
His fear is that the grey ribbon protest to bring ICANN out of the shadows
has the potential for rapid propagation and expansion throughout the net
and may overwhelm the silver/grey call for a diabetes cure, a  campaign
that began in December 1996.

We both agreed that identifying the ICANN protest as the Charcoal Ribbon or
Fog or Mist Ribbon campaign lacks a certain verve.  His suggestion to
switch from a ribbon to a mushroom emblem, to symbolize how ICANN keeps its
potential members in the dark, reflects a very creative solution to this
problem. However, ribbons are far easier to fashion into an accessory  (I
have several dozen ready for ICANN's meeting in Singapore) than mushrooms,
and the real things used to express, say, a Grey Mushroom Campaign would
get icky when pinned to a suit.  We both recognize that the color gray

So we have found a high-ground compromise solution.  The press release that
describes the ICANNT Grey Ribbon campaign includes a description and link
to the Diabetes Cure Now Siver-Grey Ribbon campaign.  I have not requested
a reciprocal link.  However, with three family members who have dealt with
this disease, on a personal level, there is a dual meaning and double bang
for posting and wearing a grey ribbon.

If you want more details about the Silver/Grey Ribbon Campaign, please
check http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/6830/ or

Those who join my concern that ICANN is making its policies behind closed
doors, that its board members, most of whom are new to the DNS community,
are unwilling to expose their deliberations, discussion and individual
votes, are again encouraged to copy the grey ribbon gif at
http://www.domainhandbook.com/icannt.html, affix it to a web page linked
back to the press release, and send me an e-mail so that your link can be
added to the growing list of supporters.

And if it need be said that there is nothing sacred on the Internet, the
gray ribbon emblem is also used to foster Pagan awareness.  Hmmm.  Wiccan.
ICANN. The Internet just gets curiouser and curiouser.

Ellen Rony                                                          Co-author
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