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Abolish Centralized Internet Control

To whom it may concern:

The more that I observe the IANA / ICANN / DNSO discussions the more
concerned that I become.

ICANN / DNSO need to completely abandon the concept of a central controlling
authority. There is simply no justification or need for such a controlling

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Root Name Servers
corrupt, and Root Name Server control corrupts absolutely.

I have become convinced that ISP's worldwide need to begin initiating
modifications to our local level DNS software to allow for a diverse,
independent and absolutely non-controllable domain name space.

We need to drop the need for central Root Servers entirely. The whole
concept of central root servers has been, and always will be, very
dangerous. The control freaks of the world will never cease to covet control
over a centralized gateway to the Internet. Therefore, we must remove all
temptation to control, by removing the coveted centralized gateways.

We must remember that the initial US military design application of the
Internet was meant to guarantee zero need for central control, thus no
single point of failure due to an enemy strike. This autonomy of function
was an absolute design goal. Remember, originally there was no Domain Name
System with its centralized control model, rather all users had their our
own local HOSTS files and thus control over naming conventions.

However, human nature being what it is, control is always the ultimate goal.
The DNS was developed without thought to the absolute need for autonomy.
That was the seed that germinated into the dangerous situation we have
inherited today.

However, there is simply no longer a technical reason why ISP's worldwide
cannot immediately begin to take the matter of Domain Name Space management
away from all central authority.

I strongly encourage the organization of open development efforts to
circumvent further dependence on any centralized domain name space ownership

I believe that a frustrated worldwide ISP community would gladly welcome an
absolutely no names barred, no central control solution to the current Name
Space dilemma.

Let us begin discussions on such a worthy development effort.

Thank you for your comments.

John D. Goodspeed

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