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New TLD questions and comments

Under this new internet organization, what exactly will be the process for creating new top level domains?  Who will have authority over this area, and why will they have authority over it?  For instance, let's assume an individual decides he/she wans to establish a new top-level domain, run DNS servers to manage it, domain names under it, as well as existing domains in established TLD's.  Let's also assume that this individual wants to pay the cost of these DNS servers and the dedicated hook ups out of his/her own pocket, without any subsidising or help of any kind, and wants to offer domain name registrations under the new top level domain to internet users for free.  Will the individual be allowed to do this?  Will he/she have to apply for a new top level domain, pay fees to some corporation (as that is what I am interpreting the new IANA will be), and jump though hoops to be allowed to do this?  If so, then we might as well quit using the internet now, in my opinion.  The internet doesn't belong to anyone, and everyone should have equal rights on the internet.  If someone wants to create their own new TLD and manage it themselves so that it doesn't incur any costs to anyone else, then they should be able to do so without restriction.  Why should they be made to pay fees for something that isn't going to cost anyone else any money?  Now I am not saying that this is going to happen, I am just presenting an example to base my questions against.  I haven't been following the whole process of developing the new IANA and whatnot, I just started looking into it, so I am trying to get a base on what kind of things are going to be involved, and what kind of things are going to end up being shoved down the end-users throats (as end users do not typically have the money to be able to fight anything that may be unfair or geared against end-users, they are typically ignored in favor of companies who do have the money to cause trouble or give "favors" to get what they want)... Comments will be appreciated at zulummar@peachworld.com    flames, however, will be emailed back 1000 times :-)

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