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Continued abuses by NSI, will it ever end?

IANA Board of Directors:

Someone needs to stand up to NSI.  The continued abuses of their position are
completely out of hand.

Now, they're spamming WHOIS contacts; there is no longer any distiction
between NSI's hosting services and rs.internic.net; NSI's hosting service 
("WorldNIC") enjoys special privilages not granted in NSI's domain
registration agreement which makes domains difficult to move to other
nameservers.  To name but a few problems.

I know I'm just one voice of many.  Heck, I'm even a small player- our
nameservers are only authoritative for about 600 domains.

Which is why I'm writing to you folks.

Can't IANA stand up to this behaviour?  Can't you still muster up enough power
to put a stop to it?  Or is the Internet completely lost?

Jason Downs                 //
WORK: downsj@pacifier.com // postmaster@pacifier.com // (360) 735-3700
HOME: downsj@downsj.com //

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