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New TLD - Please Respond.


I have noticed that you do not accept any new TLD
applications, but I beg you to please at least read ours.

The TLD we are interested in maintaining, etcetera,
is .sex - A TLD which, after a market research, is most
wanted in the adult & entertainment industry.

Putting up the new .sex TLD would benefit the entire world.
Not only would adultsite webmasters and owners become
happy, but parents and governments all over the world would
be extremely happy, because with this, it would be much easier
to prevent minors from viewing adult materials.

We are not out for the money though. We are right now
just interested in helping the online adult industry out, and
also helping worried parents out regarding their children
surfing adult websites and viewing x-rated materials.

Please take our request under consideration.
We are able to setup the NIC servers for this
at anytime, during 1999. I would appreciate a
fast reply though.


Felix Olin
Vice President
AxAx Internet, Inc.
Peace-Please, Inc.

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