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I assume that my comment has been made many times however if so then can you
add me to list of requesters.

My request is for a 'FAM' = Family TLD.   There is huge interest in family
based information exchange.   As the Internet becomes the ubiquitous source
of location information this should be encouraged.   In particular the
family tree movement has made possible new forms of information exchange.
In this troubled world the illustration of the extent of personal links to
all countries will, in my opinion, be a powerful force for illustrating that
there are only political borders really separating us a members of the world
tribe.   Creating the FAM TLD would I am sure see a proliferation of family
based Url registrations which in turn would promote family based information


Can we add FAM as a Second level now?

Craig Horrocks
Auckland New Zealand
Saturday, May 29, 1999
+64 9 21 68 38 00

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