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Re: Internet Services Corporation

Thanks for the quick response. However, it does not answer my question. Did
the IANA or ICANN provide authorization to Internet Services Corporation to
sell these domain names as this company claims? They have already sold
FoodWeb.com as FoodWeb.cc. 

FoodWeb is a registered trademark and I intend to pursue this matter with
Internet Services Corporation and the company who registered the .cc suffix.
They are also trying (or as they say it is "an invitation to purchase') to
sell me five other domains currently registered as .com's. What this amounts
to is blackmail on duly registered names, .com or otherwise.

It seems to me that IANA and ICANN may be missing the point. It is not the
.com, .cc, .org or any other dot something which should be protected. It is
what preceeds the dot. Companies are selling bona fide web site names just
by changing the suffix and you appear to be allowing it to happen unabated.
This is wrong! A new suffix does not add to the availability of net
addresses, it only adds to the confusion of the people surfing the net. In
addition it is serving as a platform and cash cow for companies to hold
legitimate web sites hostage to their demands of payment. To allow this to
continue is a gross injustice to those companies like my own who have taken
the money, time and effort to register tradmarks or web sites.

Please respond with a proper answer to my original question. Did IANA or
ICANN authorize or give permission to Internet Services Corporation to sell
the .cc domain suffix and did the IANA allow the Cocos (Keeling) Islands to
sell the .cc suffix to Internet Services Corporation? If the IANA did not,
who did? If no one did, how can this be allowed to continue?


Dave Lenweaver
Lenweaver A+D

>From: "IANA" <iana@ISI.EDU>
>To: "'Dave Lenweaver'" <del@lenweaver.com>
>Subject: RE: Internet Services Corporation
>Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 2:42 PM

>The official manager of the .CC domain is as follows:
>Cocos (Keeling) Islands top-level domain (CC24-DOM)
>   Island Internet Services
>   Pax Quarters 3, Sydney Highway
>   Cocos (Keeling) Islands, 6799
>   CC
>   Domain Name: CC
>   Administrative Contact:
>      Miller, Garth  (GM5957)  garth@NIC.CC
>      +61 8 9162 6770 (FAX) +61 2 947 50014
>   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
>      Cartmell, Brian  (BC6684)  brc@NIC.CC
>      +1 206 329 7900 (FAX) +1 206 329 7107
>   Record last updated on 21-Apr-99.
>   Record created on 13-Oct-97.
>   Database last updated on 10-Jun-99 09:06:51 EDT.
>   Domain servers in listed order:
>Thank you.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Dave Lenweaver [mailto:del@lenweaver.com]
>Sent: Thursday, June 10, 1999 6:09 PM
>To: iana@iana.org
>Cc: jls@sonneborn.net
>Subject: Internet Services Corporation
>To Whom It May Concern:
>I would like some information on a company called Internet Services
>Corporation and their authority to sell the domain names with the .cc
>suffix. The coompany claims they have authority by IANA to sell these names
>but I see no reference to them at the IANA web site.
>Their web site is located at http://www.ccnic.cc
>A prompt relpy would be appreciated as they have sent an "invitation"
>(invoice if I accept) to register several of my clients domain names as .cc.
>Thanks in advance.
>Dave Lenweaver
>Lenweaver A+D

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